Simply having a roof above your head is not enough in our opinion. As a homeowner, you can’t afford to have a leak that results in wood rot or other costly repairs. So you ensure that your gutter system and other surrounding structures like your soffits and fascia boards are in working order to keep condensation at bay, but there is a lot more that contributes to roof damage. Eventually, or suddenly, an extensive amount of damage can leave you with only one option: roof replacement. Kansas City property owners don’t have to worry though. Alexanders Roofing is ready to provide the services you need.

From weather damage to roof debris, the dependable Kansas City roofing services available from Alexanders Roofing are designed to provide you with quality workmanship and customer care that ensure an efficient service with quality products for your residential and commercial roofing needs.

Why Choose Alexanders Roofing for Roof Replacement in Kansas City?

At Alexanders Roofing, our team of experts is dedicated to making your roof repairs and roof replacement experiences as simple and easy as possible. As a locally owned and operated roofing business, we’re committed to providing the highest quality workmanship with no shortcuts, so that you can always get the beautiful roof you deserve. 

The Benefits of Choosing Alexanders Roofing Include:

  • Excellent customer service and transparent communication
  • Service that includes working directly with your insurance company
  • High-quality work from experienced professionals
  • Services for a wide range of roofing materials
  • Free, upfront estimates

What Should You Expect from Alexanders Roofing?

The team at Alexanders Roofing strives to build a relationship that begins with clear communication, so that you know exactly what to expect whenever you need roof replacement in Kansas City. 

Whether you need simple repairs, storm damage repair services, or major roof replacement services, you can expect that your experience with Alexanders Roofing will start with an estimate performed by an experienced professional who can walk you through the entire process of restoring your property to a perfect condition. The team at Alexanders Roofing will also work directly with your insurance company to make the process as smooth as possible. 

After the initial inspection is completed and you are provided with a detailed estimate, you can expect Alexanders Roofing to proceed with the work efficiently and professionally, while ensuring that you’re always kept aware of the status and progress of your roofing project. 

If you need roof replacement in Kansas City or a nearby area, or you just have more questions that you would like to ask, call Alexanders Roofing at 816-698-9115, or continue reading to learn the answers to a few frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Replacement in Kansas City

A roof with several slopes over windows and separate levels of a home that has received services for roof replacement in Kansas City.

What Causes Roof Damage in Kansas City?

Kansas City gets 42 inches of rain on average per year, which is more than the annual average across the nation. But it’s not only the rain that has the potential to create roofing issues.

Some of the more common causes of major roof damage include:

Weather Damage

We have covered heavy rain already, but when referring to the elements, we have to include strong winds, hail, and snow. Most of our Kansas City roof replacement services are based on weather damage combined with other natural factors. Excessive wind can lift shingles and even tear them off when they come in contact with flying objects. But that’s also a sign of bad installation or even old material that has gone through too much deterioration.

Hail may have you worried about your car, but it will greatly weaken your asphalt shingles and trigger hard-to-repair dents in your metal roof. On the other hand, snow that sits on your roof might freeze and thaw repeatedly, depending on how fast your furnace heat rises through the attic. This process as well as the extra weight can cause your layer of shingles to lift and become loose.

Clogged Gutters and Damaged Downspouts

Scheduling routine gutter cleaning is not only a common seasonal maintenance service that keeps up your property’s curb appeal, but it’s also crucial in terms of protecting your roofline from moisture damage. If your rain gutters aren’t smoothly redirecting stormwater via your downspout pipes, that water will spill onto your roofline and start leaking from your fascia boards onto your house siding. Roof penetration can cause serious water damage and may start with moisture damage in your attic. If clogged gutters and downspouts go unnoticed, you might find yourself needing a roof replacement in Kansas City sooner than later.

Damaged Flashing

All types of roofs should have a secure flashing system installed to direct rain water from seams and joined areas. As a waterproofing system, flashing strips are typically made of steel and installed around structures like chimneys, vents, and side walls of dormers. Sloped roofs have more weak points that require protection from flashing.

Unfortunately, flashing materials deteriorate over time; the sealant may wear off and begin to stain. The change of temperature can also trigger warping and rust buildup. It’s important to exchange your old flashing during a roof replacement. Kansas City roofing contractors from Alexanders Roofing will make sure all your roofing materials are new.  


Leaves and other debris not only settle in your rain gutters but also on your metal, tile, or shingle roof. It’s easy for pine needles, leaves, dust, grime, and other organic matter to stick to corners and edges. Even large tree branches that are in contact with the surface could add excess pressure and moisture which will weaken your entire roof and eventually lead to a roof replacement. Kansas City homeowners are recommended to schedule a routine roof inspection and cleaning service to remove any debris that has settled over the years.

When Do You Need Kansas City Roof Replacement?

There are various reasons and factors to consider if you are wondering whether a roof replacement is overdue. Your local Kansas City roof replacement team recommends checking paper documentation concerning your roof’s age and the last time it has received an inspection, cleaning, or repair. Whether documentation exists or not, it’s safest to book an inspection service, check your asphalt shingles, flashing installation, and clear any grime and moss buildup. 

Some clear warning signs you need Kansas City roof replacement service include:

    • Sagging: If parts of your roof appear to be pressed inward, you likely have rotted wood due to moisture and storm damage. Aside from roof replacement, your attic ceiling will also likely need replacement and new insulation.
    • Aging: The rule of thumb for roof replacement is every 20 years unless it fell victim to extreme weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Granular Loss: Besides their aesthetics, granules are made as a protective layer to protect your shingles from the elements. They wear out over time, but severe weather conditions can also loosen them.
  • Large Cracks: Any kind of large, visible damage is a clear sign that you need repairs at the very least.
  • Algae and Moss Growth: Algae and moss on a roof can indicate the presence of moisture buildup, which can lead to serious problems caused by wood rot.

When in doubt, give our Kansas City roof replacement experts a call and have them examine your roof in greater detail. We will be able to give you a fast diagnosis and determine whether repairs or a replacement will be your best roofing solution.

We like to remind our local customers to also contact their insurance companies to see whether they only cover minor repairs or even a full replacement. Understandably, it will depend on your chosen plan and whether the damage was caused by an accident beyond your control.

Call Alexanders Roofing for Efficient Roof Replacement in Kansas City!

A residential roof that has received professional services for roof replacement in Kansas City.While small repairs can serve small wonders, installing a brand-new roof system would give you long-term results for many years to come! Would you rather choose ongoing repairs or the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won’t have to worry about your roof for the next 15 to 18 years?

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