Professional Services For Gutter Guards In Kansas City 

Do your gutters seem to topple over the brim every time it rains in Kansas City? Mostly Kansas City’s wet season lasts approximately 6 months beginning in April and tapering out in late September. But most of the time the city enjoys humid, muggy summers and cold frigid winters year round. And so, you may not be experiencing a constant downpour of showers but it’s always best to be prepared with your home’s rain gutters. Still, it can be a hassle to borrow your neighbor’s ladder to scoop out muck from your troughs now and then when your time can be better spent elsewhere. That’s why many people choose to install gutter guards in Kansas City.

Although you can forgo rain gutters for your home, we wouldn’t recommend being complacent about not installing a durable set, let alone add-on features like a gutter guard. Kansas City homeowners must understand that without gutter guards, your gutter’s troughs are readily exposed to constant debris including dirt, leaves, twigs, pine needles stones, and insects, which eventually result in a nasty clog. But that’s no problem when you have gutter guards in Kansas City! 

Our qualified, licensed, fully insured Kansas City roofing technicians from Alexanders Roofing provide quality workmanship on repairs, installation, and maintenance service for residential and commercial gutters. We like to go by the mantra of providing high-caliber products and services by genuinely listening to your customer’s pain points and offering authentic solutions, such as installing high-quality gutter guards in Kansas City.

Gutter Guard Installation

You know that without any sort of covering, your gutters will be exposed to all kinds of leaves, twigs, and other debris that end up inside your troughs and downspouts, where they create nasty clogs. Anyone who’s spent an afternoon on a ladder cleaning gutters knows just how troublesome—and unpleasant—that can be. 

Fortunately, Alexanders Roofing can install gutter guards that will stop all that debris before it gets inside your gutters, providing a wide range of benefits that will reduce the amount of time, money, and effort you have to spend on jobs like gutter cleaning and gutter repair, not to mention other potential repairs you might need after clogged gutters cause other problems on your property.

The numerous benefits of installing gutter guards in Kansas City include:

  • Fewer Gutter Clogs: With less debris getting in your gutters, you won’t have to worry about clogs causing trouble in your eavestroughs or downspouts, which means you also won’t have to worry about cleaning your gutters as often.
  • High-Quality Materials: At Alexanders Roofing, we only install high-quality gutter guards that will withstand the weather and other forces of nature at play in Kansas City.
  • Fewer Roof Repairs: Added protection for your gutters means added protection for your entire roofline. Decreasing your risks of clogged gutters also lowers your risk of moisture damage and other issues that are common around the fascia and soffits of residential roofs. 
  • Cost-effective: With fewer repairs and maintenance for your roof and gutters, you save on costs that would normally be incurred because of the demands caused by debris in your gutters.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Many modern gutter guards blend right into the roofline of homes in Kansas City, and in some cases, the right style can even improve your home’s aesthetic appeal!

Why We Are The Keen Choice For Gutter Guards In Kansas City 

We admire that you are adamant about the upkeep of your home with your rain gutters, now take it one big step further and ward off all debris with a gutter guard. Kansas City property owners can rest assured that our experienced team members have the knowledge, skill, and experience to deliver the best protection based on your needs. If for any reason you are not pleased with our gutter guard installation, say the word and we’ll make any adjustments.

At Alexanders Roofing, our priority is providing excellent, efficient, and professional service at a fair price. When you choose us for your gutter guard installation or other gutter installation needs, you can rest assured that we will provide you with excellent service and high quality workmanship that exceeds your expectations.

Call 816-698-9115 to schedule your installation for gutter guards in Kansas City, or keep reading to get a few answers to some common questions about Kansas City gutter guard installation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Guards 

What Are Gutter Guards? 

A gutter guard is an extra add-on for your troughs that readily protects your gutters by keeping debris out. Although they can block gunk, they are more of a failsafe mechanism and do not completely rid you of leaves, twigs, pinecones, and other remnants. Gutter guards are placed within the troughs and serve as a catching mechanism so you won’t have to physically remove buckets of debris at least twice annually in Spring and Fall. Instead, these will act as armor for your troughs during heavy rainfall, allowing water to flow seamlessly. Although gutter guards are a win-win solution, they are not foolproof. Be aware that despite doing a stellar job to stop muck from entering, debris can still build up on the screens and will need to be scraped off once in a while as a dirty screen can stop water from draining through.

Although there is a wide range of gutter systems available at Alexanders Roofing we are advocates of snap-on guards and screw-fastened guards. The ones of the snap-on variety are budget-friendly and of K-style shape that comes in plastic, aluminum, and steel gutters plus fit all residential gutters and mainly help to prevent debris and leaf build-up. Installation is a breeze for snap-on as they easily fit into the front lip of the gutter. Screen-fastened systems are good for keeping larger debris out and are attached right under your roof shingles by being into place by securely fastened screws. 

Common Types Of Gutter Guards In Kansas City

Once your expert technician has chosen what gutter guard system works best, they’ll opt to select the best type of gutter guard for your roofline. 

  • Mesh: These screens are punctured with tiny perforated holes that cover the gutter and attach to your roof shingles. The benefit of small holes is that they don’t clog easily so they can easily sift out sediments. But some drawbacks include that water is easily flushed out through them readily overfilling your troughs, they can easily get damaged by ice in the winter time, and they are slightly more expensive to install. 
  • Reverse Curve: These contain a tiny slit that directs water downwards into the trough and are great for stopping larger debris, ensuring water flow, and are low maintenance. The only drawback is that they can easily clog at the downspout for example due to rodents or pests building nests inside the troughs and spur leaves to slip off and fall to the ground. 
  • Bottle Brush: Made of bristles, these face upright as debris sits on top while the water underneath flows seamlessly in the downspout. They are very effective, easy to install, and easily stop debris reducing your need to clean your troughs as frequently. But due to their brush-like nature, small debris may get stuck in the bristles, leaves can easily collect behind the individual bristles and it can be a messy ordeal cleaning a brush considering the hundreds, even thousands of tiny, singular bristles. 
  • Nylon: These are best for the wintertime to stop snow from building up or icicles from compiling and snuggly fit into your troughs without being attached to the shingles, plus the extra space allows more water to flow through. Although these aren’t the best for a residence in more moderate climates like Kansas City. 
  • Non-gutter Cover: These are thin louvers that redirect rain off your roof and are also easily installed by being slipped into your trough without being attached to the roof shingles. These are technically a replacement for your gutters. 
  • Foam: These are plastic based and also are directly inserted into the trough and are effective for expelling debris and allowing water to flow through the foam. The only drawback however is that they are not ideal for all climates as although they can filter out debris with no sweat they also absorb moisture and rain like a sponge. Your gutter can potentially become clogged as once the guard is stopped water will pass over the trough and spill onto the outskirts of your home.

Why Do You Need Gutter Guards? 

A rain gutter’s sole purpose is to carry away rainwater and snowmelt from your roofline and expel it to the outskirts of your home. A gutter guard offers extra protection for your home’s rainwater disposal system by preventing debris from entering and resulting in a clog and eventual leak. Although it’s an extra add-on feature, we recommend it if you hope to avoid the hassle of regularly cleaning your gutters. 

As an exterior water drainage system, a gutter redirects rainwater by channeling it through its troughs and out into the downspout outlet to be dispelled to a designated spot safe from your home. By overlooking gutter guards, Kansas City homeowners can expect a domino effect of further problems. If you’re not vigilant about scrubbing out your troughs occasionally and tend to dawdle on this chore, don’t be surprised if all that accumulated debris results in a pesky clog.

This clog will suffocate your troughs, and eventually the excess water will overflow out of the troughs and splash against the outside of your home damaging your soffits, fascia boards, roof shingles, and siding thereby resulting in wood rot. Notably, all the way from your attic to your basement will be susceptible to extra moisture, eventually suffering from problems like a shifting foundation compromising the structural integrity of your home. And so, being diligent about routine maintenance is mandatory rather than optional. Gutters aside, for example, you must trim the elongated branches of bordering trees so they don’t snap off into your troughs.

How Long Does A Gutter Guard Last?


On average a gutter guard lasts from 10 to 20 years depending on often you perform regular upkeep like cleaning out the mesh screen. Some materials like foam have shorter lifespans and last only a couple of years before beginning to deteriorate.

Are There Any Downsides To Gutter Guards? 

Despite the added protection, they do require routine cleanings as the leftover residue from the muck will build up slowly over time underneath the gutter guards, and if not wiped clean once in a while your gutters can still begin to sag. 

Do I Still Need To Clean My Gutter With Gutter Guards? 

A common misunderstanding is that you’ll never have to scrub your gutters clean again after installing a gutter guard. But unfortunately even the most expensive and best-quality gutter guards require cleaning. Sure you’ll reduce the number of times you’ll scour your gutters, but you still must clean them occasionally, as over time the debris will slowly but surely build up and need to be hosed out.  

What Is The Most Effective Type Of Gutter Guard? 

Mesh and micro-mesh gutter guards of the screen variety are the most popularly requested as their compact design blocks big and small debris alike and is considered the most effective guard. 

We Are The Kingpins For Kansas City Gutter Guards 

Kansas City gutter guards serve as umbrellas for your home, shielding your roofline from water damage and protecting your foundation from soil erosion. Reach out to us at 816-698-9115 and book a consultation appointment. We proudly serve Kansas City, Overland Park, and many nearby areas.

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